Between2Clouds End of the Year Party!

Proof Five Points

Sat December 29th 2018 7:00 pm – Sun December 30th 2018 2:00 am (EST)

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Venue: Proof at Five Points

Email us: contact@between2clouds for group packages!


2 Music performances: 7-9pm

Yada Yada

This is our in house musician for the B2C2U events. His music is lighthearted electropop that touts lyric with tangible wisdom. The Yada is all about living your best life and having a fun time. His beats are funky and his vocals are futuristic.

The Big Strong Arms

"Eclectic in influence and inventive to a fault, the Big Strong Arms are, at their core, a simple group of 5 music nerds from Raleigh, NC. Their fearless, genre-defying sound will provide a wild experience!

4 Stand-Up Comics: 9pm-10pm

Note: If you are not informed on the local comedy scene in the Raleigh area, these performers are some of the best in the area. If you're a comedy fan, do yourself a favor and come experience this line-up!

Alex Garretson

Winner of the annual Ultimate Comic Challenge at The Idiot Box in Greensboro, Alex Garretson is one of the Between2Clouds' teams favorites. His punchlines are relentless and always punch harder than you expect. All punch intended.

Tank Smith

Tank has been our 2nd most tenured comic at our B2C2U events. He is a joy to be around, speak with, and to experience his stand up with. His self deprecation feels jolly and warm while tearing at every piece of himself. We are always happy to see Tank and you will see what we mean!

Brett Williams

Brett boasts an incredible singing voice and enough ukulele talent to impress small children. Her songs will keep you wondering what the hell happened, where am I, how did I get here, and how did she get this funny? Her command of an audience is undeniable and I don't think we have ever met someone who hasn't been overtaken with laughter from her performances.

Mark Brady

A local comedy veteran! We have seen Mark Brady crush with every kind of crowd with a variety of different jokes. We are incredibly excited for him to come perform with us.

DJs: 10-2am

Between2Clouds - Check back for mix link :)

Illestrater - Click for mix link!

Shlomo - Click for mix link!

Visual artists: All night!

Amanda Carbo

Eli Flo


Doors open at 7pm.

7 Yada Yada

8 The Big Strong Arms

9 Comedy

10 DJ sets


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Proof Five Points

1620 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27608

Map of Event Location